Del Re di Denari

Italian breeder of German Shepherd
Via delle Grigne 6
22031, Albavilla (Como), Italy
Mob: 0039 338 895 1354

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The story ..

In 1996, Stefano Chiaia, owner of "Del Re di Denari", purchased his first dog "Rebecca di Ca San Marco", female with amazing character which boosted his love and passion for this breeed.

After one year, the first male "Etor di Cà San Marco" joined the breed. Since the quality of Etor was very high, Stefano found himself closer to the international showcase. Not only Etor achieved 7th rank in class young male (judge Dott. Aquilani), got patent and selection, but it showed to be an excellent dog for mating.

After the first 2 dogs, many others joined "Del Re di Denari", which allowed Stefano to improve his experience as breeder and in the showcase field, always under Mr Dolci Franco supervision.

In 2004 Stefano bought, from Mr Guiliano Profeti, "Venus dei Profeti". Venus is still in great shape and, since the beginning, it's been able to give birth to excellent dogs. At the top of the list, "Yimmy van Contra" and, without a doubt, "MORK DEI PROFETI", who reached the highest ranks during different competitions. More than 30 showcases, alway at the top 3 in Italy and Germany. To mention some, Sieger 2007 in class young males at "Bagnilo in Piano" and so on.....

These days Stefano keeps working hard to produce the best of the best, by mixing high quality line of blood from Italy and Germany. Stefano's goal is to produce the same breed quality found in Germany. His reputation is well known in the business for producing some of the best German Sheperd in Italy.

This is what we call : Passion for Champions!